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"ES3 Series" Board-to-Cable Type Has Been Developed
LED Mounting Board Connector for
Improved Converter Board Layout Freedom

LED Mounting Board Connector ES3 Series

Mercury-free and low power consuming LED lighting is drawing attention due to its power saving advantage, as well as in consideration of ecological factors like CO2 reduction and environmental conservation.
In addition to the card edge type "ES3 Series" converter board and LED mounting board connection connector, JAE has now developed a board-to-cable type that connects the LED mounting board with a cable to allow for even more layout freedom for the converter board.
The "ES3 Series" board-to-cable type achieves the industry's smallest-in-class height in consideration of light shielding of the LED. Also, the use of a bottom type* design contributes to improved assembly workability for customers.
The "ES3 Series" board-to-cable type is ideal for various LED lighting devices, such as the connection of the converter board and the LED mounting board.

*Bottom type: a method that enables mating of the pin connector on the board with the socket connector on the reverse side.

:: Features


  • Improved converter board layout freedom with cable power supply to LED mounting board.
  • Low-profile design achieves a 1.7mm mounting height in consideration of LED light shielding on the board, and also improves assembly for customers through use of a bottom type design.
  • Uses material resistant to heat and light cast from the LED lighting.
  • Embossed tape package, allows automated mounting to the LED board at the same time other parts are mounted.
  • Mechanical lock resistant to vibration and shock prevents mis-mating and incomplete mating.
  • Each pin is connected to the board with two contact points to enable power supply from all points of contacts and allows for more design freedom for customers.
  • cULus-certified (Nov. 2011)

:: Applicable market


General lighting devices such as LED light bulbs


:: General specifications

  1. Number of Contacts: 2 pos.
  2. Rated Current: 2A
  3. Rated Voltage: AC200V
  4. Dielectric Withstanding Voltage: AC2000V
  5. Contact Resistance: 30m ohms max.
  6. Insulation Resistance: 10M ohms min.
  7. Operating Temperature: -40 Deg. C to +105 Deg. C
  8. Applicable Cable: 22 to 26AWG

:: Materials and Finishes

Component Material/ Finish


Copper alloy / Sn plating


White LCP

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